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Rainbow Room

The children in the Rainbow Room are encouraged to develop their skills and play and learn together in a happy indoor and outdoor environment. The children learn to take part in adult led activities and in those that they initiate themselves. Adults work in collaboration with children to plan the weekly activities around topics that are based on the children's current interests.

In the Rainbow Room there is a focus on supporting the children’s independence and getting them ready for school.

The children follow a structured routine. In the morning there is a focus on developing children's emerging literacy and numeracy skills. Some of these activities include learning to recognise and write their name and singing number songs and rhymes. Afternoon activities involve lots of art and craft, cooking and walks.

Through regular ‘circle times’ the children are given opportunities to share and discuss their thoughts, feelings and opinions on matters that are important to them. During this time they are encouraged to listen to each other and take turns whilst speaking. These are important social skills that they will continue to develop throughout their time in the Rainbow Room.

Rainbow Room: About
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